Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's that time of year again. I have Barnaby's pizza tickets for one of the greatest deals in town. A large 4 topping pizza for just $10! And who doesn't love Barnaby's pizza?

How it works: The tickets cost $10. You purchase the ticket from me, and then when you go to Barnaby's for your pizza, you just hand them the ticket, no money. A large 4 topping pizza would normally cost about $20. The tickets are only good for the Grape Road location and are good through August 30, 2011.

Why they do it: This is how the Barnaby's softball team earns money for their yearly fee and also to buy equipment for the team. My brother and dad play for the Barnaby's team on Monday nights and I've been selling these tickets for them for years. Mostly to people at work. My goal this year is to sell at least 100 tickets. I've sold 34 so far.

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